Supreme new 3kg pack Selective Rabbit 4+ and Selective Rat and Mouse

Supreme introduce new 3kg pack sizes of Selective Rabbit 4+ and Selective Rat and Mouse food

Supreme’s customers have spoken and Supreme has delivered. For some time pet owners have been asking for bigger bags of two of Supreme’s best sellers – Science Selective Rabbit 4+ and Selective Rat food – well say hello to the new 3kg packs which are fulfilling the demands of multiple pet owners.

Science Selective has seen phenomenal growth within the small pet sector with sales increasing by 19% in the past year. The Selective range is more popular than ever these days as owners of small pets have an appetite to learn about nutrition and want to feed what is best for their pet. This has resulted in the highest quality products becoming best sellers. The new 3kg pack sizes encourage multi pet owners to store and deliver higher cash margins to the independent pet trade.

Selective Rabbit 4+ is specifically formulated for all breeds of rabbit aged 4 years and older, to meet their special nutritional requirements. With 22% fibre, the premium formulation promotes wellbeing and vitality. Selective 4+ encourages active chewing, to promote dental and digestive wellbeing. Rich in Timothy hay and thyme, it helps stimulate the older rabbit’s appetite without the need of added sugars, helping to avoid age-related reluctance to feed. Natural antioxidants, as well as linseed and Vitamin C help to support the immune system and promote healthy skin and shiny coat.

Species specific life stage formulas keep pet owners loyal with the assurance that the best possible nutrition is provided throughout the different phases of their pet’s life. The Science Selective range is also recommended by vets, reassuring owners that they will be providing their beloved pets with the best nutrition available.

Science Selective Rat is a nutritionally complete and balanced diet that supports the nutritional requirement of all breeds of rat. Rich in natural ingredients and with zero added sugar or artificial colours; it is highly palatable, prevents selective feeding, promotes dental wear and supports digestive health. With the addition of linseed Selective Rat helps sustain healthy skin and shiny coat ensuring pet rats are as healthy on the outside as they are on the inside. Selective Rat food is one of Supreme’s biggest selling products.

The great news is that Supreme is offering what pet owners want whilst supporting the independent pet trade with these two new larger pack sizes. Supreme’s latest offering will be available from UK wholesalers this month. To find out more, visit