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Companion Consultancy: Refreshingly Different, Veterinary Communications

A PR and communications agency run by vets? Back in 2002, that was something pretty unusual. A taste for doing things differently has stayed with us.

With Companion, each project benefits from original ideas and fresh thinking. Of course, the team can make your veterinary communications more technical, more insightful or just a bit more exciting. Take that as read.

But what about also adding infographics, or animated video, or online CPD to liven up your company’s interactions with the veterinary community? Digital communication and multi-media content offer great opportunities to get the message across. Whether it’s an animation showing your veterinary medicine’s mode of action, a social media strategy, or a professional blog, Companion has the skills and expertise to make it happen.

Long standing clients include some of the biggest veterinary companies in the UK and beyond. Like any good Companion, we seek to understand our clients’ ethos and support them in achieving their goals.

10 things you will about Companion Consultancy

  1. You always get a senior director working directly on your account
  2. We don’t cost the Earth (or ask for bonuses for maintaining our usual high standards)
  3. We’ll totally ‘get’ your business
  4. We do (almost) anything to make it happen – even if that means sending out 45,000 packs of rabbit food in two weeks
  5. We are patient about the need for multiple layers of approval and already understand the limits imposed by regulation
  6. You will never be stuck for an idea about anything ever again – our blue sky thinking has no limits
  7. As vets, we know how to speak to other vets – and their clients
  8. Before you know it, it will feel as if we are an extension of your existing team
  9. You don’t need to give us lengthy briefs to make it happen – if you tell us about it at lunchtime and you need it by close of play, we’ll do our utmost (without chiding you about being disorganised)
  10. We’re really hard working and good fun too.

Little known fact about Companion Consultancy: one of our pet trade clients bought a sweet factory so now we support them with B2B confectionery PR and social media too. Bring on the bonbons!