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PR: get noticed for all the right reasons

Once upon a time, PR was all about press releases. But the narrative has changed. While press releases still form an important part of our work – and we take great care in drafting them to send just the right message and sending them to the very best people – they are just a part of any PR strategy. We must be one of the most experienced agencies in the business when it comes to running large scale veterinary campaigns, such as Canine Arthritis Awareness, Big Wiggly, Pet Parasite Action,The Big Tick Project  and Think Rabbit. So, we can deliver the all singing all dancing stuff and enjoy small projects run on a shoe string too. You can choose us to help you with a tiny part of what you have planned but will always find that we’ll understand the big picture and add value across the board.

We can also run your event, sort out a speaker tour (and a speaker) and work with key opinion leaders. Need someone to sort out your broadcast PR, find and sign suitable talent to represent your brand, or sort out a photoshoot? Let us know. Not ready for all that and just want to dip your toe in the water with some press releases? No problem – it’s a great way for you to get to know just what we can achieve.

Insights and understanding

We live and breathe anything to do with the veterinary, pet trade and agriculture worlds. And we love to create win-win scenarios where everyone benefits. It’s so important you know who you are talking to and all about their concerns. Encourage them to tell their story with surveys, testimonials, case studies and interviews. Use the data you gather in press releases, advertising, editorial and more. It’s all about telling a fascinating story.

Throw in some white papers that deal with live issues to position you as the authority and create visual appeal with infographics and video, animations. Make them heard with vox pops, podcasts and live events on social.

Enter some awards with a powerful nomination that points out your winning qualities. In other words, embrace the full PR mix!

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Who (on Earth) is going to sort this out?

Ever asked yourself that question? Do you have a niggling project that doesn’t quite fit into a box? Perhaps you’re really struggling to know who could take it on? Walk this way… if it’s not our bag the chances are we’ll know someone who can help. Blue sky thinking required? Creativity comes as standard at Companion.