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Supreme add new treats to their award-winning Selective Naturals range

New: Supreme Country Loops for rabbits with carrot and Timothy Hay

Following the huge success of Supreme Selective Naturals treats, new products have been added to extend the range, guaranteeing more nutritious and tasty treats for tiny taste buds. Rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas can now enjoy Country Loops, containing traditional carrot blended with Timothy Hay. For hamsters, gerbils, rats and mice, there’s now an opportunity to nibble on Harvest Loops – with apple, linseed and peanut. Both new products are full of natural ingredients, sourced from UK suppliers and producers, and are ideal for hand feeding, interaction and bonding.

Carrot remains the most popular treat flavour for rabbits so the new variety is sure to prove a popular addition. The range also includes Timothy Hay & Thyme Meadow Loops, Dandelion & Rosehip Woodland Loops, Blackberry & Chamomile Forest Sticks and Pea & Mint Garden Sticks. In the new Harvest Loops treat, added linseed aids healthy skin and a shiny coat. There are no added sugars, syrups or molasses in Selective treats.

Research carried out by Supreme has demonstrated that 97% of small pet owners want to feed natural and this has been reflected in the growth of Supreme’s existing Selective Naturals range which has continued to enjoy growth since its launch in 2016, with sales up by 44% in the last year alone.

Marketing Manager Claire Hamblion says, “Small pet owners are committed to the highest level of care, providing good quality, natural foods. We believe new Country and Harvest Loops offer a fantastic addition to a successful and much-loved range of treats. Pet owners enjoy introducing their pets to new flavours, shapes and textures and it’s a great time for us to build on the credentials of the Selective Naturals range.”

Retailers who want to find out more about stocking Supreme Selective Naturals can visit or telephone 01473 823296.

About Supreme Petfoods
Supreme Petfoods has specialised in the care and nutrition of small pets for 25 years. It was the first company to make species specific small animal diets that reflected their unique nutritional requirements. As well as offering the biggest range of species-specific foods, Supreme also manufactures all its herbivore diets in dedicated vegetarian facilities.
Only ingredients of the highest quality are sourced for use in the Supreme range of foods and the recipes are developed to be palatable without the use of added sugar.

Supreme recipes are all manufactured to a fixed formula to minimise the risk of gastric upset and while the company produces diets containing the highest fibre levels of any rabbit food, hay is always recommended as an additional food source to promote dental wear, provide environmental enrichment, foraging and nesting opportunities.
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