Digital | Companion Consultancy

Did someone say Digital? What you say. When you say it. And Where.

  • Social media management
  • Websites and landing pages
  • E-newsletters – templates, design, content, images, distribution and reporting
  • Blogs
  • Blogger outreach & content seeding

Marketers today have so many choices about where to place their content. The power of owned content is that it comes with complete control (Until you land on social media of course, where anything can happen. But we have a plan for that too). Know when your audience is online – post articles and land your e-newsletter just when they are at their most receptive. Say what you need to in exactly the right way. Encourage action and integrate ways to measure the response.

Create attractive newsletters with split testing to see what works best. Tag your contact lists so you can segment your communications and really demonstrate that you know who you are speaking to. Connect your web and e-news strategy so you get great value for money.

Develop some great personas or avatars so that any stakeholder working with you knows who you are trying to reach and the sort of messages they are receptive to – why recreate the wheel with every brief?

And remember, it doesn’t have to be incredibly complex or eye-poppingly expensive to actually work.

Share the joy of spreading the (digital) word

Influencers, brand advocates, fans – they can all magnify your reach. If you only connect. We’ll find your digital tribe. The people you are comfortable with and who feel the love for you too. Whether you are thinking about unboxing, freebies, or a fun competition, we’ll have some ideas about how to spread the word (or several words come to that).

Relax, you’re on social media…

Perhaps your platforms feel more like they’ve recreated the Wild West, rather than made your customers wild about you? Our skills encompass an unusual mix of technical knowledge and expertise in issues management and reputation so we can deliver peace of mind. We’ll wade in, connect with your audience and help steer things back on to dry land, so your social channels become altogether more pleasant places to hang out.

Part of being a safe pair of hands is preparing digital and social media guidelines that will protect your brand and give everyone a guide as to what’s okay to post and what’s not. We’ll appreciate the contextual nuances and ensure your voice reflects who you really are on social. We can even add position statements and protocols so that if things do go horribly wrong, there’s a plan to get it all back on track. Need daily monitoring? We have you covered – for 365 days of the year if you feel the need – and appreciate the importance of the prompt response. Now isn’t that reassuring?