Content Creation & Copywriting | Companion Consultancy

Copywriting for your audiences. Whether you want to make it really technical, a quick coffee-time read, or easy for an animal owner to understand.

We’ll adjust our copywriting style so your message is on brand. It will also be geared to your reader and where and when they read, as well as their likely mind set. We’ll put ourselves in their shoes because we’ve walked in them too.

There’s huge potential to bore you to tears with our excited explanations of key word analysis, pace of reading and the impact of structure…but we won’t. Because, you know. Sometimes less is more.

So if you are holding a conference and want some ace reportage or are longing to create a grab it and go fact sheet – you know where to come.

Content planning too!

Regularly updating your online content to appeal to search engines, refreshing your publications in line with the latest thinking or product claims, or an e-newsletter that’s so entertaining and interesting, people want to sign up to receive it.  We’re passionate about copywriting and content at Companion Consultancy.

Our aim is to make each piece unique, accurate and insightful but we also love to plan your content in advance so that all your separate digital and print copy can work together to reinforce your message.

That also means there’s plenty of time to gain approval and no more impulse decisions about what you want to talk about when – our approach is altogether more strategic.

We’ve been very proud to work with many talented young marketers over the years. If there is someone in your team who is ready to take on more but you don’t have the time to mentor them, we’re happy to do that while we work alongside them to help them develop their skills in copywriting and content creation, social media or public relations. We also provide a number of training programmes in influencing skills, sales, management, performance development and customer service that can be made completely bespoke to fit the needs of teams or individuals. Give us a call to find out more!