Supreme launches new Great Value advertising campaign

Supreme launches new Great Value advertising campaign

Supreme Petfoods is excited to announce the launch of its new Great Value consumer advertising campaign, aimed at raising brand awareness around the award-winning Tiny Friends Farm range. In today’s economic landscape with the cost of living continuing to rise, pet owners are increasingly looking for affordable yet high quality nutrition options for their small pets. The new campaign takes into account the challenging economic climate, and the consumer demand for value in their purchasing decisions.

While pets are remarkably recession-resistant, cost-of-living concerns mean that people are more mindful of their spending, even when it comes to their pets. Claire Hamblion, Marketing Director at Supreme Petfoods, explains that nutrition is key to small pet health and wellbeing, and when budgets are stretched owners place a premium on value for money. “Rabbits and guinea pigs are very much part of the family, and owners want to do their very best for them. The Tiny Friends Farm range offers great value without compromising on nutrition, giving pet owners the reassurance that they are supporting the health and happiness of their pets even when household finances are stretched.”

The new campaign follows Supreme’s successful Science Selective Food For Life campaign, which launched last year, and reached a global audience across the European, US and Australasian markets. Featuring a movie advertisement, the new campaign focuses on the fun, engaging Tiny Friends Farm characters, to build emotional engagement with the products. Data* shows that nearly 70 percent of today’s pet parents look at small pet-related content on social  platforms. Of these, over 80 percent use Facebook and YouTube as their source of information, and over 60 percent use Instagram. Reflecting this, the advertisement will be targeted across these platforms, as well as on the Supreme website.

As well as the two advertising campaigns, the long-standing Supreme ethos of providing strong retailer support is no less important. Point of sale can make a real difference in boosting sales and building customer loyalty. Retailers can benefit from a comprehensive POS toolkit to promote their products and encourage repeat purchases, including FSDUs and care guides, plus free samples, and loyalty schemes. Independent retailers can also sign up to receive special monthly deals only available from Supreme.

In 2022, Tiny Friends Farm showed strong year-on-year growth, with Russel Rabbit and Gerty Guinea Tasty Nuggets leading the pack. Tiny Friends Farm is going from strength to strength and the new advertising campaign will help to further raise brand awareness and build on this success.

With great value and great nutrition at its heart, Tiny Friends Farm looks set to continue its upward trajectory in the market, supported by the new advertising campaign and ongoing retailer partnerships.

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