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Vital to Launch Fun and Educational Pet Club

To celebrate National Pet Month, a new pet advice website, Vital Pet Club, is being launched by established pet product wholesaler and supply chain partner, Vital Pet Group. Supported by a team of vets who have written the informative site content, the website and social media platforms will act as a hub and community for pet lovers, providing owners with all kinds of expert advice and information about the hottest new products.

Vital Pet Club will keep owners up to date with the latest pet care advice by providing new articles across a variety of different topics and pet species, ranging from rabbit dental care to how to feed a new puppy. Promoting great pet health and wellbeing is at the heart of the Vital Pet Club ethos and so the site hopes to reinforce the importance of mental enrichment as lockdown restrictions start to ease and pets find themselves at home alone more often.

Vital Pet Club offers a unique opportunity for owners to sample a wide range of exciting products from new and existing pet brands through exclusive competitions and giveaways. This will shine the spotlight on the large number of innovative pet products available, allowing owners to learn more about how their features can work to benefit the lives of pets. The Vital Pet Club team will also work closely with suppliers to give owners the opportunity to have their say through product feedback in order to drive the design of products that owners really want.

Hetty Mulhall, vet and editor of Vital pet Club says, “We look forward to creating a destination where pet owners can learn about new brands and ways to keep their pet fed, rested, entertained, happy and of course, healthy. We are excited to see the community continue to grow in the coming months.”

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