Millpledge announces the launch of ocular lubricant, Oculeze™

Millpledge Veterinary announces the launch of ocular lubricant, Oculeze™

Millpledge Veterinary, leading provider of veterinary pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and consumables, has announced the launch of ocular lubricant, Oculeze™, the latest addition to its portfolio of products. Suitable for animals including but not limited to dogs, cats, horses and rabbits, Oculeze™ can help in the management of any condition where eye health is supported by providing additional moisture or lubrication.

Drying of the eyes may occur due to ocular anatomy, abnormalities of the tear film, during travel or because of age-related tear film changes. Brachycephalic pets now account for around one in five dogs in the UK, and along with any other animal with prominent eyes, they are at higher risk of ocular drying. The popularity of these breeds together with the diverse range of ‘at-risk’ pets underscores the need for effective solutions.

Oculeze™ is phosphate free, pH neutral and features an innovative combination of natural active ingredients: glycerine (0.8%), Aloe vera, chamomile and propolis extract. Propolis extract is rich in polyphenols which have been shown to support corneal health by multiple mechanisms of action including modulation of the tear film, as well as a reduction in inflammation, apoptosis and oxidative stress.1 The beneficial effects of propolis extract are combined with the lubricating and soothing properties of the other active ingredients.

Administering eye drops can be a challenge for pet owners. Oculeze™, formulated with natural essential oils, lasts longer on the ocular surface thanks to a reduced evaporation rate2 compared with non-lipid lubricants.3 This prolonged action translates into fewer administrations, thereby helping to enhance compliance. In addition, the drops have a low eye surface contact angle, so they effectively disperse across the eye surface, together with a high surface tension to support lubrication and tear film stability.

Acknowledging the vital role of maintaining ocular lubrication for both vision and comfort, Meryl Lang, UK and EU Sales Manager at Millpledge Veterinary, says, “We recognise how crucial product availability and continuity of supply are in managing the discomfort associated with dry eyes. With this in mind, Oculeze™ is available direct from Millpledge or from your chosen wholesaler.”

Oculeze™ can be used alongside veterinary prescribed treatments with no contraindications. The product is offered in two sizes – a compact 10 millilitre bottle and a pack of ten resealable 0.6 millilitre vials, suitable for short term use and travel. The 10ml bottle includes a filter, preserving sterility for up to three months after opening, minimising waste and helping ensure affordability.

Oculeze™ can be ordered here For more information contact Millpledge Veterinary, freephone 08000 11 22 88 or email

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