Junior guinea pig food added to Science Selective Brand

Supreme adds Junior guinea pig food to award-winning Science Selective brand

Supreme Petfoods has added a new guinea pig food to its award-winning Science Selective brand. Launched to coincide with Guinea Pig Awareness Week 2022, Science Selective Junior Guinea Pig expands Supreme’s existing range of life stage diets reflecting consumer demand for high quality species-specific nutrition throughout life. The new product is tailored to meet the nutritional requirements of guinea pigs up to the age of 20 weeks and with the Junior Rabbit diet performing well with 31 percent year-on-year growth, Junior Guinea Pig looks set to build on this success.

Science Selective Junior Guinea Pig combines tasty dandelion and fennel for a naturally delicious diet. With a protein content and a vitamin-mineral profile formulated to sustain growth, the new product ensures that the nutritional needs of young guinea pigs are perfectly met. As with all Supreme’s guinea pig diets, the Junior diet is fortified with stabilised vitamin C reflecting the specific requirements of these small pets.

Even though Junior products are only fed for a short time, they represent a significant point of market entry and recommending a premium brand that is only available from specialist retailers can help ensure pet owners remain loyal customers. Claire Hamblion, Marketing Director at Supreme explains, “Supreme’s Science Selective range has particularly strong brand loyalty, with 80 percent of Junior food shoppers remaining brand loyal when switching to adult food. Recommending a Junior diet ensures young guinea pigs get the best start in life, while also laying the foundations for long term shopping habits and repeat store visits.”

To boost brand awareness around its Science Selective range, Supreme has launched an innovative new Food For Life marketing campaign. With significant financial investment behind it, the campaign features a Food For Life commercial targeted across multiple digital channels including You Tube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest. With versions in English, Dutch, French and German, this global marketing campaign will reach a worldwide audience across the European, US and Australasian markets.

Closer to home, the success of the Science Selective brand is in no small part down to the relationship that Supreme has with retailers. Based on a firm foundation of high-quality nutrition, Supreme fosters this connection with a proven track record of providing effective retailer support. POS material can make a real difference in boosting sales and building customer loyalty and retailers can benefit from a raft of material to promote their products and encourage repeat purchases, from traditional POS material such as barkers and wobblers to care guides, free samples, and loyalty cards. Claire says, “Free samples are always a winner in specialist pet retail, with owners keen to try before they buy. They are particularly successful with brands which perform well on taste tests, such as Science Selective.” With this in mind, Supreme now offers free samples of all life stage diets, starting pets on a lifelong journey of optimum nutrition.

Available in a 1.5kg pack with the packaging designed to sit alongside Science Selective Adult Guinea Pig, Science Selective Junior Guinea Pig has an RRP of £6.90. It is available now from all good pet product wholesalers.

To find out more, contact Supreme Petfoods on experts@supremepetfoods.com or visit https://supremepetfoods.com/products/