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VisioCare Puppy Tooth Census

VisioCare Puppy Tooth Census

Our client’s aim was to set up a puppy dentistry campaign to help research and understand the current prevalence of dental health problems in puppies and in so doing, also raise brand awareness of its portfolio of clinical explainer animations.

The first step of the campaign was for our design team to re-design and launch the client’s new website which would host the main resource of the campaign; a survey, developed, and managed by Companion’s in-house veterinary team, named ‘The Puppy Tooth Census’. Activities following the Puppy Tooth Census included influencer social media campaigns, press releases, a webinar and the management of the client’s own social media pages linking back to the census and all designed to promote engagement. The following steps were put into action to build awareness of the survey and encourage responses:

  • A launch press release sent to veterinary publications
  • Veterinary influencer outreach
  • Emailer and digital advertising through key veterinary media
  • Social media campaign running on the client’s own social media platforms, including paid advertisement

To keep the momentum of the campaign flowing and continue to encourage census responses, further activities included:

  • A consumer press release to encourage responses from puppy owners
  • Print and social media advertising in key veterinary media
  • A webinar on puppy dentistry led by a veterinary key opinion leader
  • A veterinary trade press release revealing results from the census so far

Overall, the campaign was a great success, resulting in over 450 census responses from both veterinary professionals and puppy owners as well as a sizeable improvement in the client’s social media following with an increase of 97% on Instagram alone. We also observed a staggering 723% increase in the client’s website page views over the course of the campaign!

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