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Dorwest Fireworks Campaigns

Dorwest Fireworks Campaigns

Dorwest Herbs wanted to raise awareness of a veterinary licensed product, Scullcap & Valerian Tablets, as well as highlight the benefits of Organic Valerian Compound. Both herbals are used in ameliorating the effects of noise phobia in pets. Starting with leaflets and posters and press releases detailing facts and figures, the campaign has had various elements added each year, such as tailored communications to vet practices, promotional boxes and technical support literature.

In 2011, Dr Monkey, a wise old Border Terrier blogged his experiences of noise phobia and TV presenter Michaela Strachan offered her support – having direct experience of noise phobia with her own pet. In 2012  a new character hit the blogosphere, supported by cartoon animations. Merlin came to life in a riveting mockumentary detailing his life in the lead up to fireworks night. When gorgeous Lola, the Maltese terrier moves in next door, it’s clear that Merlin has to ‘man up’ and conquer his fear, if he’s to stand a chance of winning her affections. The mockumentary maps his journey to find a solution that works for him.

On Facebook the hunt started to find Britain’s Most Relaxed Pet – Siamese slackers, laid back Labradors and cool Cockers are welcome to apply!

We work flexibly alongside other agencies or if you would like to produce elements in house, that’s fine too. Give us a call if you are ready to be inspired!