HT Vet is excited to announce U.S. National Distributor

HT Vet is excited to announce Covetrus as a U.S. National Distributor of HT Vista cancer screening tool

The first and only non-invasive dermal and subcutaneous cancer screening product for dogs, HT Vista by HT Vet, is now available through a U.S. national animal-health service provider, Covetrus.

This agreement further reinforces the HT Vista’s place within first opinion practice. The HT Vista will be available for new and existing Covetrus customers throughout the US from August 2024.

HT Vet founder and CEO, Shani Toledano, comments “We are thrilled to have the backing of such a partner, as we scale up in the US market.” Mrs Toledano continues, “Today, veterinary practices have three options for evaluating lumps and bumps – palpation alone, fine needle aspiration or biopsy, none of which may be optimal from a pet owner’s perspective. The HT Vista gives pet parents peace of mind with a simple 40 second scan. It is completely non-invasive, affordable, and can screen masses without the need to aspirate or biopsy.”

The HT Vista is the first non-invasive product that can accurately classify subcutaneous and dermal masses on dogs. Using Heat Diffusion Imaging (HDI) technology and an AI algorithm the device can rule out cancer with 98% confidence and assist in early detection.

To find out more about the HT Vista device or book a demonstration, visit

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