Facing Up To Finances discussions to empower veterinary women

Facing Up To Finances discussions to empower veterinary women

A series of free, online discussions to empower women in the veterinary professions to take control of their finances has been launched by Veterinary Woman and VetYou. The ‘Veterinary Women Facing Up To Finances’ support series of live, quarterly discussions aims to empower veterinary women with expert advice and community support, helping them secure their financial future.

Each quarterly power hour will include top tips by a financial professional and live Q&A from the community. Hosted by a member of VetYou, the panel will feature a financial professional, a guest sharing their lived experience, and a member of the Veterinary Woman team. Registrants can pre-submit questions or ask them live, including anonymously.

Women in the veterinary profession face significant financial challenges, including lower retirement savings, longer life spans, and career breaks. Many lack confidence in managing money, leading to missed opportunities for investment and financial growth. Despite these challenges, studies show women can be successful investors, often outperforming men. With women expected to control 60% of the UK’s wealth by 2025, professional financial advice is crucial to help women create effective financial plans.

Editor of Veterinary Woman, Jenny Langridge, comments: “Readers of Veterinary Woman ranked ‘finances’ as the top subject they needed to know more about to make the most of future opportunities. It’s vital that women in the veterinary professions are able to access trusted resources such as the Facing Up To Finances discussions to help achieve their financial goals.”

The Facing Up To Finances support series kicks off on Tuesday 30th July at 19:30 with a power hour entitled “Breaking Money Taboos: Master Your Mindset and Budget Like a Pro.” The live discussion will aim to break the stigma around money so that participants can learn how to take control of their finances. Expert financial professional, Ruth Downs of the Platt Partnership, along with the inspirational panel, will guide on the first steps to budgeting and helping to create a positive money mindset.

Ebony Escalona, Director of VetYou, the service that helps all in the veterinary professions to be better informed when making personal financial decisions, recognises that a lack of financial security holds women back. “Our aims are to enable vet women to confront and take proactive steps and accountability in financial management. The Facing Up To Finances support series will help foster a sense of belonging in a community that understands the unique financial needs that women in the vet professions have, and reduce feelings of isolation and any self-stigma related to finances.”

Further sessions in October 2024 and January and May 2025 will cover subjects including preparing for the unexpected, financial planning and negotiation around life moves such as family, moves and career shifts, and financial strategies for wellness and insurance.

Professionals in the veterinary industry can register for the discussions at https://www.subscribepage.com/veterinary_woman_finance_series

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