VetYou & Future Proof Limited Unveil New Financial Safety Net

VetYou & Future Proof Limited Unveil New Financial Safety Net for Veterinary Professionals

VetYou, in collaboration with Future Proof Limited, is thrilled to announce the launch of Home Protector, an innovative financial safety net for the veterinary community. This pioneering product, from Holloway Friendly, aims to support veterinary professionals during times of unexpected illness or injury by covering their mortgage or rent for up to a year. In an industry where working closely with animals can lead to unforeseen health challenges, the financial strain of being unable to work can be overwhelming. A recent survey within the VSGD Careers network revealed a startling statistic: 56% of veterinary professionals might struggle to pay their mortgage or rent during periods of illness. Home Protector aims to address this significant concern, offering peace of mind and financial security to the veterinary community.

The plan covers mortgage or rent payments of up to £2000 per month for up to a year if you are unable to work because of illness or injury. In addition, policyholders, their partners and children under the age of 18 are given access to a 24/7 GP service, available via video or phone consultations.

VetYou says there no health or financial questionnaires involved, and whilst permanent conditions and those present within the last two years are not covered, Home Protection will start to cover pre-existing conditions when you have been symptom, medication and treatment free for two years.

There are 12 types of higher risk sports and hobbies Home Protector won’t cover and Home Protector can’t cover semi-professional or professional sports.

“As practicing vets, we know the pain of trying to cover rent and mortgage payments when we are unable to work. But as busy professionals we often don’t find the time to get the cover we need. So we worked with Future Proof to bring this exclusive product to the profession”, commented Matt Dobbs, one of the founders of VetYou.

“With instant sign up and the added benefit of accessing a GP 24/7, Home Protector is ideal for those who are busy with the ‘day job’ of caring for animals, looking for quick and easy cover and instant access to support”.

Understanding the varied needs of veterinary professionals, VetYou and Future Proof Limited also facilitate access to a broad range of advisory services. Whether it’s seeking financial advice, tax consultation with specialists like Harris & Co Accountants and Gorilla Accounting, or exploring mortgage and financial coaching services, VetYou is committed to supporting the veterinary community’s broader financial wellness.

More information on Home Protector can be found at

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