Supreme triumphs in prestigious awards with Science Selective

Supreme triumphs in prestigious awards with Science Selective

Supreme Petfoods is proud to announce its recognition as an honoree in the small animal food category of the Pet Age Editor’s Select awards, for its Science Selective Rabbit food range. Each category features product lines personally selected by Glenn Polyn, Pet Age’s editor-in-chief, and the accolade is testament to the long-standing reputation that the range has for supporting rabbit health and wellbeing.

From its inception with Science Selective Adult Rabbit, the Science Selective Rabbit food range has grown to include a junior diet meeting the nutritional requirements of young growing rabbits, a senior diet for rabbits over four years of age, as well as Science Selective House Rabbit, and Selective Naturals Grain Free. With recipes formulated with premium natural ingredients, the single component extruded nuggets are high in fibre and highly palatable without the need for any added sugar.

Claire Hamblion, Marketing Director at Supreme Petfoods, expresses the company’s delight in receiving additional recognition for this popular range, saying, “We are so pleased to receive the award. Our commitment to listening to our customers and providing high quality nutrition that meets the needs of small pets is at the heart of everything we do. As expert knowledge around small pet nutrition has increased, and owners have become increasingly well-informed, so our Science Selective range has evolved.”

While species-specific diets have been a cornerstone of the company for over 30 years ago, the addition of nutrition tailored to life stage and lifestyle represents a more recent initiative. Claire explains that expanding Science Selective to encompass these diets was a natural development, saying, “We know that the three of the most common rabbit health issues seen by veterinarians are dental disease, gastrointestinal stasis and obesity. These conditions are intrinsically linked to the feeding of poor-quality or inadequate diets. From extra protein for growth and development, to reduced energy levels to help maintain a healthy weight in older pets, providing nutrition tailored to individual needs, helps support optimal health, even reducing the risk of conditions such as arthritis in older pets.”

An innovative Food For Life marketing campaign has played an important role in raising brand awareness around the Science Selective range. Featuring a commercial strategically targeted across key digital platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, the campaign has reached a global audience. On a local level, an extensive array of point-of-sale materials, including free samples, helps retailers drive sales and foster customer loyalty. Free samples, particularly effective with highly palatable brands like Science Selective, allow owners to try a product before they commit to purchasing, helping start rabbits on a lifelong journey of optimum nutrition.

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