Supreme's eco-friendly update to Tiny Friends Farm Stickles

Supreme introduces eco-friendly update to Tiny Friends Farm Stickles range

Leading small pet nutrition company, Supreme Petfoods has announced an exciting update to its popular Tiny Friends Farm Stickles treat range. In an effort to reduce plastic usage and promote eco-friendly alternatives, the company has taken the decision to replace the current plastic hanging sticks with jute string, a more environmentally friendly option. This change underlines the company’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Formulated with delicious natural ingredients, Stickles are designed to provide enrichment and encourage foraging behaviour when hung around the enclosure. With the introduction of jute string, the updated Stickles range now offers pet owners a simple and secure way to tie up the treats. Currently, an impressive 92 percent of the Supreme product range already features fully recyclable packaging, and this switch aligns seamlessly with the company’s mission to make all packaging fully recyclable by 2025.

Supreme’s transition from plastic sticks to natural jute string is a significant milestone for the company and the pet trade industry as a whole. Claire Hamblion, Marketing Director at Supreme, says, “By implementing this eco-friendly update, we estimate that it will save nearly half a million sticks and prevent over 1.4 tonnes of plastic from reaching landfills annually. Most plastics persist in the environment for hundreds of years and the long-term health impact of this plastic pollution remains largely unknown. At Supreme we are not only fully committed to supporting the wellbeing of small pets, but also take our responsibilities to people and the wider environment very seriously. Our contribution to reducing the global plastic waste crisis is just one aspect of that commitment.”

The Stickles treat range comes in a variety of flavours with options that are suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and other small pets. As well as promoting enrichment, the treats can also be used to encourage pet-owner bonding when hand fed. Each recipe is carefully formulated with natural ingredients such as carrot and broccoli, Timothy hay and herbs, or apple and cranberry. In line with Supreme’s green credentials, these ingredients are sourced from local farms wherever possible.

As pet owners become more conscious of their ecological footprint, Supreme’s commitment to sustainability undoubtedly resonates with their customers and strengthens their position as a trusted and environmentally responsible brand. With this latest update, the company continues to pave the way for a greener and more sustainable future for small pet nutrition and care.

For more information about Tiny Friends Farm Stickles and Supreme’s sustainability initiatives email Supreme PetFoods or visit their website.

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