Millpledge unleashes its wild side with a £12,000 charity donation

Millpledge unleashes its wild side with a £12,000 charity donation

Leading supplier of veterinary bandaging materials, Millpledge Veterinary has launched Rapz Eazy Tear® Natural World™ as the latest addition to its highly successful Rapz Eazy Tear® range. The new bandages feature eye-catching designs, and unique animal characters that represent endangered species from across the globe. To celebrate the launch, Millpledge has pledged a total donation of £12,000 to Wildlife Vets International (WVI), a British charity that provides crucial veterinary support to international wildlife and conservation projects.

A proportion of the total amount has already been allocated to WVI’s vulture project. As nature’s most efficient scavengers, these birds play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance and are critical to the wider ecosystem. In the 1990s, their population experienced a sharp decline but thanks to concerted conservation efforts, signs of recovery are beginning to emerge. With numbers still low, the WVI project aims to facilitate the exchange of veterinary expertise to ensure the best possible chances of survival for both wild and captive-reared birds.

Olivia Walter, Executive Director at WVI, explains, “Veterinary science is a vital but sometimes overlooked part of the conservation puzzle and in areas of high biodiversity there is often little access to wildlife medicine training. This donation will not only help us to build a Vulture Veterinary Network in India but will also provide wildlife vets across the world with the knowledge and support they need. We are delighted to be partnering with Millpledge, a company whose values align with our own.”

The donation reflects Millpledge’s dedication to wildlife conservation. Meryl Lang, Sales Manager at Millpledge, says, “Supporting conservation is an integral part of our vision for Rapz Easy Tear® Natural World™. With increasing threats faced by many species, from habitat loss and human conflicts to poaching and plastic pollution, more animals than ever are being classified as critically endangered. It’s fantastic to be able to contribute to such an important cause.” Millpledge is committed to ongoing support for wildlife conservation and plans to add to their donation in the future, with contributions reviewed on the basis of sales of the Natural World ™ range.

Designed to be used as a tertiary cohesive layer, the Rapz Eazy Tear® Natural World™ bandages feature Pongo the orangutan, Olympia the orca, Loxo the elephant, Maya the sea turtle, Ari the lion and Inkwell the octopus. The fun printed design is reverse wound to ensure effortless application and in line with the rest of the range, the bandages can be conveniently torn without the need for scissors. Available in 5cm, 7.5cm and 10cm widths, Rapz Eazy Tear® Natural World™ is suitable for both large and small animals and offers optimal protection and support for tendons and ligaments.

As well as supporting conservation efforts worldwide, Rapz Eazy Tear® Natural World’s™ green credentials extend closer to home. The bandages are available in packs of 12 rolls per carton and have recyclable packaging plus a fully compostable cardboard core.

Find out more, or order from the Rapz Eazy Tear® Natural World™ range, at Natural World, or email

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