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New skin cancer screening device, HT Vista, available for dogs

HT Vista, a provider of innovative veterinary solutions, is urging owners of dogs which have a lump the size of a pea or larger, for longer than a month, to have their pet screened for skin cancer with the HT Vista device. The “pea for a month” message is being used to increase awareness of skin cancer in dogs in a bid for early detection and timely intervention. The HT Vista device is a small hand-held scanner that offers a quick, non-invasive, painless and reliable method to scan lumps on dogs, screening for skin cancer and providing accurate results in minutes.

Cancer affects up to 1 in 4 dogs during their lifetime, particularly in older dogs. Up to a third of these cancers are thought to be related to the skin.* Identifying potential warning signs is crucial for ensuring a dog’s well-being and maximizing their chances of recovery. One common indicator is the presence of a lump the size of a pea or larger, persisting for a month or more. This symptom, often referred to as “pea for a month,” necessitates the need for veterinary attention.

Liron Levy-Hirsch, Managing Director at HT Vista, explains “Finding a lump on your dog can be a worrying time for dog owners, which is why we are thrilled to introduce the HT Vista to the UK. The device scans lumps and provides results within minutes. It is quick, painless and non-invasive and provides vets with the information they need to create a plan of action. It has never been easier to screen lumps on dogs, and the HT Vista will be instrumental to early diagnosis of skin cancer in dogs.”

The HT Vista uses Heat Diffusion Imaging technology alongside an artificial intelligence-based algorithm, computer vision and signal analysis to deliver immediate insights into whether a lump is benign or requires further investigation. This ground-breaking solution enables pet owners and veterinary professionals to make informed decisions swiftly, providing peace of mind and improved treatment outcomes.

Liron continues “Our mission is to promote early diagnosis, which is pivotal in fighting cancer. HT Vista offers a streamlined approach to do just this. Remember if you notice a “pea for month” lump on your dog, take them to your vet to be scanned.”

HT Vista invites dog owners and veterinary professionals to become advocates for early detection and proactive care. For dogs with a lump the size of a pea or larger for a month or more dog owners are encouraged to consult with their vet.

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*Egger C, Love L, Doherty T. 2014. Pain Management in Veterinary Practice. Oxford. John Wiley & Sons.