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Experts share latest updates on feline chronic kidney disease in Purina symposium

A new Purina symposium exploring the latest advances in feline renal care is now available to vets and nurses. The event, which brings together leading experts including Dr Dottie Laflamme and Dr Sarah Caney, provides valuable insights on the nutritional and therapeutic management of feline chronic kidney disease (CKD). Attendees can benefit from a total of 5 hours of top-quality CPD that they can utilise to improve patient care. The symposium was broadcast live earlier this year, and all interested vets and nurses can now access the recording free of charge here:

The symposium features six experts who all explore different facets of CKD. Dr Tim Williams delves into the aetiopathogenesis of the condition, while Dr Dottie Laflamme discusses dietary management, considering how best to meet the patient’s nutritional needs while helping ameliorate clinical signs. Attendees can benefit from her expert insights on nutritional factors of importance at different stages of CKD, including early nutrient adaptations that may be helpful in slowing disease progression.

Valuable advice on client communication is provided by Dr Sarah Caney, who discusses the emotional burden and practical difficulties that owners have to deal with. Dr Caney provides useful tips on how to address client concerns in order to increase compliance and improve patient outcomes.

The thought-provoking topic of renal ageing is covered by Dr Jessica Quimby, who explores the debate around what constitutes renal ageing, as opposed to disease. Her talk introduces the fascinating topic of senotherapy – a therapeutic strategy that targets cellular senescence – and outlines various approaches that could prove promising in future.

Finally, Dr Xavier Roura gives practical advice on disease management, presenting both classic and novel treatment strategies, while Dr Daniel Landau helps delegates draw inspiration from the ‘nephrology revolution’ in human medicine. Altogether, the symposium provides an overview of the latest scientific advances that can help inform treatment and care.

Purina’s Scientific Affairs Manager for the UK and Ireland, Dr Libby Sheridan MVB MRCVS, explains that the aim of this event is to help veterinary professionals and their patients benefit from recent research. “Feline chronic kidney disease is such a common issue in practice – affecting one in three cats over the age of 10 – and veterinary teams are always looking for ways to better support these patients,” she says. “At Purina, we’re pleased to share the latest updates on best practice to help support vets and nurses in providing high standards of quality care.”

The recording is free to access and attendees can also download the delegate notes which provide a useful summary of the research explored in the talks. All interested veterinary professionals can see the full agenda and register for the recording here: