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Yarrah comes up ‘Top Dog’ with expert panel

Organic pet food brand Yarrah has proved a hit with the dog experts on the Our Dogs panel, with the brand’s three best sellers receiving a five-star rating. With organic and sustainable products becoming increasingly popular amongst pet parents across the globe, Yarrah’s organic honest pet food caters to strong consumer trends. Yarrah’s brand messaging positions pet health front and centre and indeed the Our Dogs panel reported an extensive array of health benefits for their pets after feeding the products.

Yarrah’s range of grain-free organic products uses only top-quality ingredients to support pet health, and this shone through with the Our Dogs panel. Overall, 87% of respondents saw positive results after switching to Yarrah, with 91.3% saying they would purchase the products again. Across the three products that were tested, 100% of owners saw an improvement in their dog’s skin and coat and 77% saw an improvement in their dog’s digestion.

Francesca La Rosa, Product Marketing Manager of Vital Pet Group, is delighted with the panel results and explains that they show how Yarrah products tie in with customer trends, “To see the positive impact that Yarrah has made on our multi-breed panel is a reflection of how the shopping behaviour of pet owners is evolving. It’s clear to see that organic ingredients are a huge driver for consumer purchasing decisions. By improving the health of pets and hitting all customer trends, Yarrah is the perfect addition to pet shop offers.”

With the humanisation trend on the rise, owners are looking for the quality of their pet’s food to mirror their own – and with many consumers looking to start off the new year on a positive health note, the demand for healthy organic pet food is set to be strong as we look into January. “As pets become part of our families more and more, ‘New Year, New Me’ extends to our four-legged friends as well!” says Francesca.

As well as hitting the trends for organic and grain-free, Yarrah’s range caters to increasing public concern about environmental impact. Six in ten consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits to reduce negative impacts on the environment, with 66% of people stating they would pay more for sustainable goods.¹

Yarrah only uses ingredients from sustainable sources, and the company is dedicated to providing outstanding products that positively impact the environment as well as pet health.

UK Sales Director for Yarrah, Ben Hutton, explains that Yarrah’s focus on organic and sustainable products has led them to a strong position in the market. “We believe passionately in sustainable food and started our organic journey as a deliberate and conscious attempt to lead the way towards positive change. Looking at the great response from the expert panel, we see the direction in which the pet food market is going. Pet owners are seeing positive changes in their pet’s skin, coat and digestion since switching to Yarrah and can feel good about their choice of food too.”

Yarrah caters for all breeds and ages, and even provides a range of vegetarian products. With a guarantee of no hidden ingredients, chemical fragrances, colourants and flavours, their dog food is simply pure and organic. Retailers wanting to know more can contact Vital on 01837 883000 or talk directly to Francesca La Rosa of Vital Pet Group on 07713 309801.


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