Vital Pet Group Launches Retail Academy to Support Pet Sector Specialists

Vital Pet Group Launches Retail Academy to Support Pet Sector Specialists

With the post-Christmas period often allowing some down time, Vital Pet Group have announced the launch of its new Retail Academy as a learning tool to support its customers. The Academy is free to Vital customers and provides educational information on brands in the specialist sector, including bite sized lessons to boost product knowledge and advice on how to drive sales. By accessing the academy, retailers can gain valuable insights to help them create effective instore offerings.

The Retail Academy will be made up of unique training courses, quizzes, and sales tools. It will give retailers the opportunity to interact with peers in Academy forums, as well as the chance to win products and discounts in instant-win competitions. Vital customers will also be able to learn at their appropriate level, whether that be starter, intermediate or advanced. Each course will be marked from either multiple choice or open-ended questions, and participants will be rewarded with a certificate upon completion, which can be printed and displayed in their premises or saved as recorded achievements for sales staff.

For suppliers, the Retail Academy gives a useful avenue to help retailers learn more about their ranges. Training courses can explain how brands fit with consumer trends and give advice on merchandising.

Harvey Lees, Head of Commercial, Buying and Procurement at Vital Pet Group, says the company is delighted to set up this exciting new platform. “We have already had a lot of interest in the Academy, with many of Vital’s suppliers eager to get involved in helping retailers to better understand their brands,” he says. “The Academy gives both suppliers and retailers an excellent opportunity to work together to strengthen brand marketing and increase sales to consumers. This quieter Christmas period is perfect for retailers to utilise the platform and maximise their profits going into the New Year.”

The Academy already has two courses from the organic pet food brand, Yarrah, which provide retailers with an introduction to consumer insights and describes how the pet market is changing. Elkwood has also provided two modules, one, which talks about their popular Rattlesnap products, explaining how these dental chews add a fun element to their natural range and a full range module that educates on how a natural treat offering can aid sales by hitting consumer trends. February will see  modules from Ministry of Pets, Cath Kidston and iQuties with an emphasis on how enrichment, toys and affordable luxury can encourage impulse purchases.

Vital’s Retail Academy aims to create and nurture positive partnerships between suppliers, brands, and retail customers in order to build strength throughout the supply chain. The academy is available for Vital customers to access now at (


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