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Supreme Petfoods set to make a splash with new Science Selective Bathing Sand

Supreme Petfoods is extending their successful Science Selective range with the launch of a new bathing sand for chinchillas, hamsters, degus and gerbils. Specially designed to support optimal coat condition whilst being gentle on the skin, Science Selective Bathing Sand is a high-quality product that caters to the strong premiumisation trend in the small pet sector.

The new bathing sand is designed to be super-soft and gentle, meaning it is an ideal option even for pets with very sensitive skin. It helps to keep the coat clean, shiny and in top quality condition, appealing to those owners who want to give their pets gold-standard care. Claire Hamblion, Supreme Marketing Director, explains what sets this premium product apart.

“The softness of a bathing sand depends on how variable the particle size is – if you have some small grains alongside larger ones, it can feel less soft,” she explains. “With Science Selective Bathing Sand, we are very careful to ensure that all particles are a very similar size, which makes it a really top-class product.”

With owners increasingly looking to provide five-star care for their pets, this new premium option is likely to prove popular, especially as the benefits of bathing sand become more widely known. Claire explains that Supreme’s other bathing sand product, Charlie, Harry & Gerri Bathing Sand from the Tiny Friends Farm range, has shown strong commercial performance in recent years with sales up 30% year-on-year as many owners are learning more about the welfare needs of their pets.

“It’s been widely known for some time that daily sand baths are essential for chinchillas, but we’re seeing more owners of gerbils, degus and particularly hamsters becoming aware that their pets enjoy sand baths too,” she says. “With an ever-increasing number of highly educated pet owners – often millennials – looking to help their pets express their natural behaviours, bathing sand is a popular choice for environmental enrichment.”

Particularly amongst these highly educated owners, well-loved and trusted brands have a strong appeal, and this is where Supreme’s reputation as experts in high-quality pet care translates into excellent sales figures. While the small pet category as a whole has seen 15% market growth over the last year, sales of Supreme products are up by 29%. The company’s Science Selective range is well-known for its focus on quality, as well as health and welfare, with all products made specifically for small animal species to ensure they’re both safe and effective for these pets. And, with the product packaging making this trustworthy brand instantly recognisable, the new bathing sand is set to build on this success.

Science Selective Bathing Sand has a RRP of £4.99 and will be available from all good pet product wholesalers from December. To find out more, contact Supreme Petfoods at