Incubate Animal Health launches new device providing lasting calm in anxious dogs

Incubate launches new device providing lasting calm in anxious dogs

Incubate Animal Health has launched Calmer Canine, a device that supports lasting calm in dogs, after becoming exclusive U.K distributors. The revolutionary device uses targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (tPEMF) technology to support the brain’s natural balance. Canine anxiety can be challenging to manage and this novel device adds a new option to vets’ toolbox. Easy to use by owners at home, the device is an exciting new tool for soothing general anxiety in dogs, including noise phobia and fear of travel and strangers.

With more than 70% of dogs displaying signs of anxiety*, there is increasing pressure on vets to deliver solutions to this complex issue. Calmer Canine offers a drug-free and safe option, designed for home use. The device is loop-shaped and comes with a simple vest that holds it in place over the dog’s head. When in position, the device emits tPEMF signals to the brain, supporting its ability to produce endorphin-like chemicals. In this way, the device helps dogs maintain a calm state of mind, with long-lasting effects.

“This is a particularly stressful time of year for dogs with anxiety – fireworks, change of routines around the holidays, travelling and Christmas festivities can all manifest in worried pets and unwanted behaviour,” explains vet, Fiona Farmer, of Incubate Animal Health. “It is incredibly useful to have a new option that can be used at home, ahead of these occasions, to produce lasting calm and reduce stress for both dog and owner.”

Seasonal stresses aside, the recent lockdowns have also had a negative impact on our pets’ behaviour. With the majority of pet owners reporting changes in their routine, over a quarter identified that their dog developed at least one new behavioural problem**. Overcoming these new issues can be a long and difficult process, with many families requiring professional help. Calmer Canine can provide much-needed relief in these situations, as Fiona explains.

“We’ve noticed a rise in owners needing help with their anxious dogs over the past year. The Calmer Canine device only requires two 15-minute sessions a day, which can be done at home by owners – particularly useful as this negates the need to repeatedly bring anxious dogs into the practice. A behaviour diary helps owners keep track of improvements, which they report back to us every two weeks,” she says. “It has been a real game changer – allowing us to play an active role in our patients’ progress without taking up lengthy consults.”

The Calmer Canine device is exclusively distributed in the UK through Incubate Animal Health, a company that advocates for innovation to bring revolutionary veterinary solutions to improve pet care. The device comes with a wearable vest, which is available in five sizes, for comfortable hands-free use.

Veterinary practices can purchase Calmer Canine at here.


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