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Supreme’s popular Berry and Orchard Loops shortlisted for the PPN Editors’ Choice Awards

Two treat products from Supreme’s Selective Naturals treat range have been shortlisted for the Pet Product News (PPN) Editors’ Choice Awards. The US-based magazine’s annual awards highlight the best new products in the pet trade industry and this year the PPN editors have included both Berry Loops and Orchard Loops in their final selection, further extending the success of these popular treats.

Launched earlier this year, these delicious treats are designed for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. Both treat products are rich in natural ingredients and contain nutritious, high-fibre Timothy hay to help support digestive and dental health, as well as natural fruit flavours. Berry Loops contain cranberry and Orchard Loops are based on apple, both tasty flavours which are appealing to small pets and avoid the need for any added sugar or artificial colours.

With small pet owners becoming more educated on the needs of their pets, the treats have proved popular as they contain healthy ingredients and help to promote enrichment and socialisation. The small Loops can easily be used to encourage foraging, a natural behaviour which is essential for the wellbeing of small herbivores, and are also a great size for handfeeding, giving owners the opportunity to interact and bond with their pet.

The Loops treats are part of Supreme’s Selective Naturals range, which has experienced phenomenal sales since its launch in 2016, reaching 70% year-on-year growth between 2019 and 2020. “As the newest addition to the range, we are so pleased that our Berry and Orchard Loops have had such a strong commercial success,” says Claire. “Extending the Selective Naturals range has also enabled us to leverage current consumer trends, as many purchasers – especially millennials – are highly engaged in choosing their pet products, and want a greater variety of high-quality options to choose from.”

The Selective Naturals products enable retailers to provide owners with a delicious and healthy treat option for their pets to enjoy, and the full range provides customers with a large number of product choices from one trusted brand. Berry Loops and Orchard Loops have an RRP of £2.99 and are available from all good pet product wholesalers. To find out more, contact Supreme Petfoods on