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Oralade Highlights Importance of Hydration Day

Hydration Day is on June 23rd and Macahl Animal Health, manufacturer of Oralade, is reminding vets to consider oral rehydration fluids to help promote hydration in dogs in the warmer weather. This year the rising temperatures are coinciding with significant changes to routine as more people are returning to work and heading off on staycations. This means longer time periods when pets are home alone or travelling in warm cars, potentially increasing the risk of dehydration.

Infographic shows the signs of dehydration in dogs as part of a Hydration Day campaign from Oralade.

Anthony Mackle, from Oralade, Macahl Animal Health explains: “Many dogs will not show signs until they are 5% dehydrated, so it is likely that sub-clinical levels of dehydration are fairly common in the hot weather. As we know, dogs rely on panting as a method of evaporative heat-loss and lose more water this way when it is hot. Given that there are clear links between dehydration and heat-stroke, and in some cases kidney disease, we want to highlight the importance of pets taking on enough fluids to help reduce these risks.”

In fact, recent studies have shown that oral electrolytes could be an effective pre-hydration strategy in working dogs and may even result in lower peak body temperatures*. While further research is needed into the impact of electrolyte fluids on body temperature, the rehydration benefits are well-documented. Oralade is a useful option for vets to recommend to pet owners as it can be kept in the cupboard ready for hot weather or long car journeys. The easily-portable bottles are also a great option for taking on walks or day-trips.

Anthony continues: “The advantage of rehydration fluids like Oralade, compared with water, is that it can increase voluntary fluid intake by more than 70%. It is also fast-acting because it absorbs quickly to help replenish essential electrolytes in addition to fluids. Plus, the formula is designed to support gastrointestinal health.”

Oralade is also a useful option to offer chronic cases in the warmer weather, as part of a multi-modal approach, particularly for conditions that benefit from increased fluid intake such as chronic kidney disease.

Veterinary professionals can find more resources and CPD on the veterinary portal here: https://oralade.com/vet/

Macahl Animal Health has also put together a useful infographic to help vets communicate the signs of dehydration to owners: https://oralade.com/latest-news/communicating-dehydration-to-pet-owners/

* https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7283960/