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Nantwich Farm Vets join the XLVets community

Nantwich Farm Vets has announced that it has joined the XLVets community. The move allows Nantwich to establish links with a network of independent practices who are able to share resources and services, while remaining in control of its own business and client care strategy. The practice has been warmly welcomed by like-minded practices across XLVets that are already experiencing the benefits of working together while retaining their own unique perspectives.

John Yarwood, Partner at Nantwich Farm Vets

John Yarwood is Partner at Nantwich Farm Vets, which was previously part of the Nantwich Vets Group before forming its own farm only practice in 2019. He explains that being aligned with XLVets is something that benefits the practice and clients, “We have a great practice here and we have a close relationship with our clients. For them, we want to be able to collaborate to ensure continuity of supply of medicines. It also means we can access a number of training programmes, both for our farmers and to help our vets develop an increasing array of skills It also helps us attract the very best farm vets because there is so much more scope for development.”

Recent events have shown that continuity of supply can be a real concern for individual practices and new challenges such as Brexit may have an impact on supply in the future. Independent practices acting together are well placed to put in place contingency plans and stock reserves. Susan Goodfellow, Chief Marketing Officer at XLVets, provides support for all member practices and says world events have thrown some unexpected challenges into the mix, “We are delighted that Nantwich are joining the community. We are also hearing from a lot of other great practices who are increasingly aware of external factors that affect their service, that are beyond their control and outwith their area of expertise. In those circumstances, it’s great to be able to talk to some highly capable peers and to have access to information from legal and HR experts, so that you can be sure you are making the best decisions for your practice and your clients.”

Susan says that Nantwich Farm Vets are a perfect fit for XLVets, “Our members are really excited about welcoming Nantwich into the community. They have a strong ethos of client care and an appreciation of the important contribution they make to maintaining the profitability and ongoing success of family businesses in particular. The team-based approach they take with farmers is one of the reasons for their success, so a collaborative mindset is already embedded in their culture. They are very well respected by their peers and have an appetite for continued growth and improvement.”

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