Gerty Guinea Tasty Nuggets launches from Supreme Petfoods

Gerty Guinea Tasty Nuggets launches as mono-component continues to grow

Russel and Gerty have been two of the biggest names in small pets retailing for the last 30 years and now Gerty is to benefit from her own mono-component as Supreme launches Gerty Guinea Pig Tasty Nuggets under the Tiny Friends Farm brand. With the Tiny Friends Farm Russel Rabbit mono-component format experiencing a meteoric rise in small pets – up 400% this year – this is one new product that’s sure to be in demand from day one. Benefiting from the loveable and well recognised Gerty character, the product has the instant brand recognition that helps it stand out within the small pets category.

Claire Hamblion, Supreme Marketing Manager says that this is the kind of product that unlocks many more purchases, “Small pet owners are often multi pet owners and they often seek the product they want for their small pet first, as that is often the most difficult for them to source to their satisfaction. We’re seeing guinea pig owners follow the same trends as rabbit owners as they swing towards the nugget format. What better brand to bring that to fruition than Tiny Friends Farm and Gerty Guinea Pig?”

The new product also benefits from the usual nutritional credentials thanks to the input of the experts at Supreme. The product is an extruded diet that delivers crunch and a high fibre matrix for extended chewing time. Known for its ‘no sugar’ message, Supreme has also ensured that palatability is high, without the addition of harmful syrups or molasses. As with all its guinea pig foods, Gerty Guinea Pig Tasty Nuggets also contains additional vitamin C which has been stablised in line with the shelf life of the product. There’s also linseed for healthy skin and glossy coat and added vitamins and minerals.

Claire says there’s a big opportunity for retailers to guide purchase to a mono-component that can’t be sourced in grocery, “While specialist retailers offer a much wider choice of products, it’s important that they reap the benefits of their recommendations on staples like food, to ensure customers keep returning. A specialist only brand like Tiny Friends Farm and ‘Gerty’ offers an opportunity to be proactive and to pick up on the one nugget trend, whilst cross-selling treats, hay, bedding and hygiene across the range.”

Available in a 1.5 kg bag with the packaging designed to sit alongside Russel Rabbit Tasty Nuggets for instant brand recognition, Gerty Guinea Tasty Nuggets has an RRP of £4.99. Supreme also provides a Tiny Friends Farm loyalty scheme to help keep shoppers loyal to specialist pet stores. Contact Supreme Petfoods to find out more –