Supreme adds new premium gerbil food within the Science Selective range

Supreme adds new premium gerbil food within the Science Selective range

Supreme Petfoods has added a new gerbil food to its Science Selective range. The range is known for its focus on providing quality nutrition tailored to meet species needs. Most particularly, new Science Selective Gerbil ensures the specific protein requirements of gerbils are met: they need more than rats or mice but less than hamsters.  The new pack offers a significant opportunity for retailers as gerbils are often kept in groups and owned by multi-pet households that shop to meet the needs of all of their pets.

Claire Hamblion, Marketing Manager at Supreme Petfoods explains that it’s the right time to launch a more premium offer with Science Selective Gerbil, “Gerbils are as popular as rats and there are 224,235 posts using #gerbil on Instagram right now. It’s clear that very many owners love their pets and sharing adorable pictures of them. But we’ve found they are also more involved as owners and therefore more aware than ever of their pets’ nutritional needs.”

Discussing how Science Selective Gerbil offers an opportunity to move gerbil owners into the premium category, Claire says, “A premium focus means retailers should be offering high quality nutrition and it’s something that dedicated gerbil owners are looking for right now. Our no added sugar recipe ensures gerbils can be kept at a healthy weight while they can still enjoy the crunchy texture of an extruded kibble. It’s easy to feed and also contains prebiotics for healthy digestive systems and linseed to keep their skin and coat in great condition. Healthier pets live longer, happier lives and that’s something we should all be looking to encourage.”

Science Selective Gerbil will be available in a 700 gram pack with a recommended retail price of £5.99. It is available now from pet product wholesalers.

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