Plastic-free shampoo bar to reduce environmental pawprint of dogs

See Change Now to reduce the environmental pawprint of dogs with plastic-free shampoo bar

Pet shampoo company See Change Now has launched a zero plastic, 100% biodegradable dog shampoo bar. The company launched its horse shampoo bar in 2019 and it has already attracted the attention of top eventers. The new Original Dog Shampoo Bar meets the needs of eco-savvy dog owners and makes a great addition to the thriving natural category, particularly post COVID when the effects of reduced travel and industry on the environment have been a real focus of attention. This premium product is ideal for home grooming with many people unable to go out, or for professional use by groomers.

With 82% of Brits aiming to reduce their plastic waste and around half of us prepared to pay more for eco-friendly packaging*, there is a clear demand for eco products. Catherine Milne, Founder at See Change Now says, ‘There are plenty of drivers for people wanting to make more sustainable choices, but knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Our plastic-free shampoo bars make one of those decisions really simple for pet owners, and it’s an easy change to make.’

The Original Dog Shampoo bars are made in the UK from all-natural ingredients that match the highest standards for human cosmetics, so they are a great option for pooches with sensitive skin. Catherine explains, ‘The product is enriched with Argan oil and is super gentle, while still being effective – even on a pet who loves a good roll around in the mud! Shampoo bars are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to liquid shampoo because of the reduction in packaging.’

The Original Dog Shampoo Bar contains 100% pure essential oils – Cedar Wood, Ginger, Vetiver and Sweet Marjoram to combat pet odours with a scent that dog owners will love. The 230g bar lasts three times longer than traditional shampoo and comes in a handy and very attractive sisal bag, retailing at a recommended price of £15.99.

To find out more or become a stockist, contact See Change Now on 07713497455 or email, visit

* YouGov survey, 2019