Vital Pet Group supports children’s hospital with unusual donation

Vital Pet Group supports children’s hospital with unusual donation

Vital Pet Group has donated over 140 cat litter trays to Sheffield Children’s Hospital to help them continue their critical work while minimising risk of Covid-19 spread. This unusual donation has enabled the hospital play team to keep the toys of each individual child separate in an easy-to-clean cat tray. Safe access to toys and games helps to brighten the hospital stay of these children during this difficult period.

Heather McManus

Vital Sales and Marketing Director, Heather McManus, says that the company is proud to be able to show support to the NHS. “We love thinking up creative solutions here at Vital, and the current crisis is calling for a lot of innovation. Our recent donation shows that there are opportunities to re-purpose existing products for other uses. Cat litter trays and many other pet products are specifically designed for easy disinfection. This is incredibly useful during the current Covid-19 pandemic.”

Vital is also leading the way when it comes to thinking creatively to support their suppliers and retailers. A dedicated Lifeline Fund has been set up to provide extended credit terms to loyal retail customers and Vital has created a 7-Point Retailer Survival Plan. The latest company updates including more information on these initiatives can be found here.

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