National Distributor offers lifeline to local leisure and retail businesses

National Distributor offers lifeline to local leisure and retail businesses in face of Covid-19

We are a nation that loves our pets and this week panic buying has extended to pet products – especially staples like pet food and litter. Pet product distributor, Vital Pet Group, based in North Tawton, near Crediton in Devon, is working flat out dealing with unprecedented demand to help ensure those in social isolation or practising social distancing are still able to feed the furred, feathered and finned members of the family.

The company has now put out a call for anyone capable of undertaking a driving or warehouse job to get in touch to help service the situation created by the COVID-19 outbreak. Additionally, Vital is inviting guesthouse and restaurant owners who may be able to provide food and accommodation to the additional workers and so help their own business to survive, to also contact the company. Anyone who can help should email Hayley Moore at by preference to keep the telephone lines clear to cope with distribution and service enquiries.

Vital Business Operations Director, Peter Sutcliffe, says reaching out to the local community is the logical step, “No one could have predicted how events have played out and we all need to pull together now. We’re aware that so many businesses and people have been badly affected and are worried about their future. Everyone wants to ensure their families are fed.

Our business is in a position of fulfilling that need for pets and it’s important to also remember there are people throughout the supply chain that rely on those sales. For us that means we are facing unprecedented demand as we try to ensure retailers large and small are supplied with the pet products everyone needs. It’s important to us not just to provide for the needs of pets but to support people too, so we’re asking anyone who has perhaps lost their job in hospitality, tourism, or the income they need to feed their family, to join us.”

The company is also pointing out that they will be supporting local food businesses requesting food be delivered for their on-site staff. They will require accommodation too, which the company is also aiming to help support.

Peter says the team at Vital especially welcomes contact with small businesses, guest houses, restaurants and cafes in the area who are struggling right now and can fill those needs, “It’s all about working together and supporting our communities.”

Vital offers flexible working and especially welcomes those able to work early and late shifts or with HGV experience.