Optimise your LinkedIn Profile to Unlock its Networking Potential

Optimise your LinkedIn Profile to Unlock its Networking Potential

LinkedIn is the fastest growing social media platform right now. Differing from the majority of social media sites, in that it is a professional rather than personal networking opportunity, LinkedIn can be an excellent way to expand your veterinary or animal health client base.

Photo shows dog sitting on a blue rug in front of a laptopLinkedIn shines the spotlight on individuals and people are looking to get to know you as a professional. Therefore, you should ensure that your personal LinkedIn profile is the best it can be, and use this as a springboard to share great content from your company page. People are more likely to engage with your company material if it is shared by your personal profile as they place more trust in your authority as an individual.



Here are Companion Consultancy’s first five tips for improving your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Temporarily turn off network notifications

You should temporarily turn off notifications to your network before making too many profile changes to avoid spamming your network with unwanted notifications.

  1. Customise your banner

Customising your banner is a quick and easy way to make your LinkedIn profile stand out so that it gets more than a cursory glance and to make the most of space. Capitalise on the opportunity to highlight something about who you are or what your business is, for example by using your company logo. Bear in mind how this will look on mobile view as your profile picture will be in the middle of the banner which affects its layout. Text needs to be used with care due to the way LinkedIn crops the banner across different devices. If you want help creating a banner, you can get in touch with us.

  1. Consider personal branding

Your profile picture should be two years old at most and reflect how you look on a work day. The background of your photo should not be too busy and you must be looking at the camera. If possible, a professionally taken photograph adds credibility. You can consider using company colours as a backdrop to introduce some subtle branding.

  1. Go “All-Star”

Profiles that are “all-star” have a significantly higher likelihood of being found by search engines. Make sure to fill in all the different sections of your profile. You can then make the most of directing people to your business by adding your website and twitter handle under your contact information.

  1. Don’t be a spammer

Share or create posts that you think will be of interest to your connections, but don’t take this too far. People post on LinkedIn far less than on other social media platforms such as

Facebook and Twitter. A good rule is to share one or two articles a week that have been written by a different source, and then to write one post a week that is your own original content.

Found these tips helpful? Contact us to see if you qualify for a free audit. We also provide full guidelines and checklists for our clients on how to make their LinkedIn profiles the very best.

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