New Science Selective House Rabbit caters for rise in rabbits living indoors

New Science Selective House Rabbit caters for rise in rabbits living indoors

Supreme Petfoods has launched Science Selective House Rabbit as an extension to its award-winning Selective range. The new product has a formulation to match the needs of rabbits living indoors with a high fibre mix of forages that more closely reflects natural grazing patterns. The launch lands at a time when the number of house rabbits is thought to be on the increase in the UK, mirroring the US where indoor living is the predominant means of housing pet rabbits.

Science Selective House Rabbit contains timothy hay, grass, the herb thyme and is fortified with essential vitamins A and D. Rabbits kept indoors may lack sufficient exposure to sunlight to make vitamin D, so providing an appropriate supply will help keep them healthy. The no added sugar high fibre kibble, which should be fed alongside hay, also helps avoid weight gain, which can be an issue for rabbits that are less active.

The trend for indoor living is partly driven by pets becoming increasingly integrated into the family, with owners welcoming the opportunity to live in more close proximity to their pet. Cold winters and hot summers can also be challenging for small furries and home living allows them to be kept in a more comfortable environment and the new breed of pet owner is keen to maintain high welfare standards.

In addition, a growing number of diseases, such as the RVHD2 virus, has worried owners and the wild rabbit population has decreased by around 60% in the last 20 years, which underlines the benefits offered by a more protected environment.

Supreme Marketing Manager Claire Hamblion says the company works hard to stay current and reflect growing consumer trends, “We’re very close to rabbit owners, welfare organisations and experts and we believe that by being responsive to the needs that are out there in the marketplace, we can also serve our retail customers well. It’s important to create products that are easy for people to understand, that match what they are looking for and also that result in better health and welfare for pets. If we do that then our products will always justify their position on the shelf.”

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