XLVets’ members get to grips with the challenges of leadership |

XLVets’ members get to grips with the challenges of leadership

At the end of June, 14 attendees began their journey on the XLVet leadership programme which runs over three days in June and two days in July and September and equips leaders with the skills and insight they need to develop their capacity for leadership. This approach is unique in the veterinary profession and uses experiential learning, awareness of self and visualisation techniques to create leaders that are able to steer their practices to success in a fast-changing environment.

The full XLVet leadership course is run in partnership with the Brathay Trust – an organisation that works with children, young people and families to deliver positive effects in their communities and which also has a ‘people and organisations’ development arm. Course participants work closely together to create trusted groups, with the bonds that are formed extending beyond the course and helping to create a supportive network for leaders throughout the XLVet community.

XLVets People Enabling Manager, Jane Simpson, says the programme is designed to help leaders understand what kind of messages they communicate to their teams based on their behaviour and bring about lasting change, “We’ve been running and refining this programme for several years now and have seen the impact it has on workplaces. Our leaders are now both more confident and also understanding. They are able to appreciate that what they do and the behaviours they demonstrate can have a huge influence on their teams. The result is more stable, harmonious working environments where people feel they are supported, appreciated and can develop and progress.”

Included in the activities on offer were low ropes where participants learn how to work together to achieve a common goal, learning around leadership styles and cultures and low impact activities where they have to piece together a picture, which they only have part of, to establish a missing piece of a jigsaw when they are blindfolded.

Rob Mangham of Mount Vets said, “The most useful CPD as a new director I have experienced. Concrete evidence of a true community within XL.”

While Adelle Isaacs of Larkmead Veterinary Group commented, “Investing in time away from the business to give myself time and space to think and talk about leadership has been very valuable. I am certain this course will have a positive influence on my leadership skills and therefore my practice.”

To learn more about the XLVet approach to leadership, visit https://www.xlvets.co.uk/ and https://www.xlvets.co.uk/the-boss/