Above and beyond: 100,000 horses in 100 Standing Equine MRI systems

Above and beyond: over 100,000 horses scanned in over 100 Standing Equine MRI systems

Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging is proud to announce the installation of its 100th standing Equine MRI system at Pferdeklinik Dalchenhof in Brittnau, Switzerland.  Leading vets and practice owners Dr. Martin Stoeckli and Dr. Diego Gygax are delighted to have the system installed at their equine hospital: “In many lameness cases in the distal equine limb, it is not possible to find a definitive diagnosis even with premium x-rays and ultrasound scans. With our new Hallmarq MRI system we are finally able to get the missing part to solve the puzzle! This is a big step ahead for us, our clients and most important for the horse.”

Since the installation of its first system at Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic, Kent, UK in 2002, Hallmarq continues its journey as the world’s only manufacturer of MRI for the standing sedated horse.  Almost two decades later, not only have they installed their 100th system but have also scanned over 100,000 horses at private practice, universities, racecourses and research centres around the world, that’s a lot of horses by anyone’s standard!   Tim Mair, specialist equine surgeon and Hospital Director at Bell states, “We are proud to have been involved with the development of Hallmarq’s standing MRI scanner since its inception. Starting with a cardboard mock-up of the magnet, progressing to the prototype scanner and with subsequent refinements of the hardware and software, we have seen this technology transform our ability to diagnose many musculoskeletal disorders of the distal limb of the horse, particularly diseases affecting the foot. Standing MRI is now established as a standard imaging modality in equine clinical practice.”

Potential customers can rest assured that, after initial training of their own staff in how to use Standing Equine MRI to capture the perfect image, they have joined the Hallmarq community in providing what is extensively referred to as the “gold standard” in lameness diagnosis.  Industry professionals agree; it is widely acknowledged that Hallmarq’s Standing Equine MRI has revolutionized diagnostic imaging and specifically lameness diagnosis. Founder Director Nick Bolas, himself a horse owner and keen rider, says “Horses are not designed to fit into human MR scanners; equine MRI scans were rare and expensive until Hallmarq developed the first magnet specifically designed for the standing sedated horse.  Today MRI is both accessible and affordable to owners of pleasure and sport horses in 24 countries around the world.  I am delighted to see how the original idea has developed, with image quality far beyond those early scans and still improving way beyond our 100th installation.”

Thriving in this highly specialized market is testament to the unique expertise of the Hallmarq team who have customer satisfaction firmly at the forefront of all they do.  From initial concept, to design, supply, install, service and support of their systems, the focus is on improving the safety, accuracy and cost effectiveness of veterinary MRI.  Substantial time and effort are given to ensuring that images are sharp and reliable and meet the standards demanded by the industry.  It is this attention to detail that has seen them win the Institute of Physics Innovation Award for their motion correction software along with dual Queens Awards for Enterprise; one for innovation and the other for international trade.

The journey continues; 2018 saw refinancing, refocus and relocation with a change to a non-technical Senior Management team and a focus on growing the companion animal market in North America, alongside the continued growth of their already established Standing Equine business.  Hallmarq approaches its third decade knowing that its commitment to the customer throughout the journey, continues to be at the forefront of all they do and Pferdeklinik Dalchenhof, like the rest of the Hallmarq community, can rest assured that they are in safe hands.

Leading vets and practice owners Dr. Martin Stoeckli and Dr. Diego Gygax scan their first horse in Hallmarq’s Standing MRI system