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Vita Animal Health Launches Omniotic to Provide a Flexible New Solution to Ear Cleaning

Vita Animal Health has launched a new ear cleaner for use in dogs, cats and rabbits. Omniotic combines debris removal with anti-infectious agents and is suitable for every-day use. A unique soft, flexible tip makes the product easy to use for owners and vets alike, supporting ear health in a variety of species.

Designed for easy ear cleaning

Omniotic advanced ear cleaning for dogs, cats and rabbits

The product is sold as 120ml bottles and the transparent flexible tip is comfortable even in stenosed, tender ear canals. It can be used for regular cleaning to maintain a healthy ear canal, especially in predisposed breeds such as spaniels and lop-eared rabbits where ear conformation increases the risk of ear disease. Omniotic can also be safely used alongside ear treatments. The ability to use in rabbits is particularly important to allow ear cleaning alongside other topical antibacterial and antifungal agents. Rabbits ear canals are less prone to inflammation and stenosis, and topical treatment can be very effective in this species.

Effective wax and debris removal

Ear disease is a common presentation for dogs, cat and rabbits and cleaning to remove debris and support ear canal health is a frequent veterinary recommendation to owners. Omniotic combines a trio of ingredients to remove ear wax and debris, including a non-irritating detergent, a solvent in aqueous and oily media, and an emulsifier of oily and organic debris.

Formulated to support ear health

In addition to removing wax and debris, Omniotic contains Octoxynol-9, lactic acid, salicylic acid and parabens, which together have anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. As it also contains EDTA the pH is buffered so it can be used alongside antibiotics or anti-fungal medications without neutralising their effects. Essential oils support the body’s inflammatory system and skin health while giving a pleasant odour.

Tara Evans, RVN and sales manager says “Omniotic is an ear cleaner for dogs, cats and rabbits which combines features to meet the needs of owners and vets at the same time. The feedback from our customers is very positive; they are finding the soft, flexible applicator tip is easy to use and well tolerated. The unique combination of ingredients and the multi-species use means Omniotic can be used to support ear health across a wide variety of indications”.

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