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PetMedix Set to Transform Companion Animal Health With Monoclonal Antibody Innovation

PetMedix is developing cutting-edge monoclonal antibody technology with the potential to transform a wide range of veterinary treatment options for companion animals. Founded by scientists with a strong pedigree in the human field, the company quickly secured £8 million Series A funding and is currently looking for investment to close an extension to the Series A funding round later this year. Continued growth and a move to state-of-the-art premises in the heart of the Cambridge biotech cluster sees the company well placed to take the global animal health market by storm.

Experts in monoclonal antibody therapies

Professor Allan Bradley, CSO PetMedix

With over 30 years’ experience in monoclonal antibody technologies, the team at PetMedix is set to fill the void in pet antibody treatments with the same gold-standard technology used in the human field. Professor Allan Bradley, CSO, is Emeritus Director of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and a Fellow of the Royal Society. He spearheaded the development of mouse transgenics and their translational use, which provided the basis for developing canine monoclonal antibody therapies. Professor Bradley says “We are growing a world-class scientific team that will enable PetMedix to become a global leader in the development of novel monoclonal antibody therapies for the expanding animal health market. In the short lifetime of the company we have attracted huge talent in both our scientists and executives, and moved into the heart of the Cambridge biotech sphere with its excellent facilities and networking opportunities. The recent appointment of Dr. Fabian Kausche to the board marks our intent to become a global leader in animal health”.

Dr. Kausche is both a veterinarian and a graduate of the Harvard Business School. He held subsequent positions as Global Head of Research & Development for three of the top eight global Animal Health companies and has a strong pedigree in bringing animal therapeutics to market.

Paradigm shift in veterinary treatment

Dr. Tom Weaver, CEO, says “We have the people and the technology in place, and are champing at the bit to progress these therapies to reach the pets that could benefit. We know this technology has transformed the treatment and survival of human patients with a variety of conditions and we want to create the same paradigm shift in veterinary treatment options to improve welfare, quality of life and longevity for our dogs and cats”.

Growing companion animal health market opportunity

The growing companion animal therapeutics market globally represents a $3 billion opportunity. The principle drivers; pets increasingly seen as integral family members; the breadth of advancement in pet health and technology; and the rapid expansion of veterinary specialist referral sector, have set a strong trajectory of continued growth.

PetMedix is looking to close the current extension to the Series A funding by Autumn 2019 and is interested in hearing from potential investment partners and M&A. Contact Jolyon Martin via email, telephone +44 (0) 1223 734140, or for further information visit