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When the going gets tough…

…Well, according to Billy Ocean, the tough gets going! But what do the rest of us do? Sometimes working in sales can feel like an uphill battle as we have to cope with smaller budgets, higher targets and challenging customers. It’s all too easy to lose our way and feel demotivated, particularly with the economic uncertainty of the long running Brexit conundrum. Are things ever going to get easier and can we ever look forward to Monday mornings again.

The answer is, of course, yes! In fact, there are lots of things we can do to ensure that we remain focussed, professional and above all motivated to be the great sales people we know we can be.

If you want to boost morale, lift spirits and re-energise your team or colleagues, here are some great ideas to include in your weekly meetings…

Exercise 1. Brainstorm the key skills and behaviours needed to sell effectively in any economic climate and then, given the current circumstances, discuss what additional skills might be needed. Review individual performance against these key skills and record ways to develop specific skills where required.

Exercise 2. Consider what clients want and need from us and how we can deliver that whilst maximising all revenue opportunities.

Exercise 3. Discuss and summarise the key strengths of your company or brand. Consider the benefits to clients and then discuss ways of communicating that with them.

Being open and realistic about tough trading conditions is the first and most significant step towards developing a strategic approach. Completing these exercises with help you and your colleagues to feel in control. An empowered team is a motivated and productive team, regardless of any trading conditions.

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