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It’s all in the chat – five steps to success in cultivating client loyalty

Below are five simple steps to achieving great customer service and loyalty. We know it’s not rocket science, but it’s surprising how easily we forget to follow a structure, even though the benefits can be huge.

1. Make the effort to understand as much as you can about your client. The store may be busy but if you can make time to find out a little bit more about why they are there and what product they are looking to buy, you have a far greater understanding of their needs.

2. If you understand your customer’s needs, you can talk knowledgeably about the products and options available to them. Match the benefits of a product to the needs of the customer. Don’t just list the features of a product as they may have no relevance whatsoever.

3. Don’t be afraid of objections. If a customer queries something with you, they are engaged and open to discussion. They are giving you an opportunity to sell the benefits of a product.

4. Discussing suitable and relevant products with a customer demonstrates your knowledge and professionalism. As a result, the customer will quickly develop a level of trust in you and specifically the advice you give them.

5. If a customer trusts you, they will be loyal to you. Repeat business is a fundamental cornerstone for most companies.

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