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Warning – nothing to do with vets, everything to do with Toffos

I’m in shock. A little catch phrase popped into my head today: I’m a’ thinking Floyd. It’s one I use occasionally when I’m stalling for time and I had a vague recollection of it from a childhood TV ad. Then I thought maybe it was for Toffos. Remember Toffos. No? Okay well maybe not surprising – this was a long time ago. After a bit of judicious googling I found the ad was from 1976 – warrgh! Reader, I was 10 (ish). I’ll admit it. And there was the laidback cowboy/sheriff with his big moustache just as I remembered him flipping the tube of individually wrapped toffee sweets (ooh I can taste them now). But he didn’t say I’m a thinking Floyd. He said, ‘I’m a thinking.’ First revelation. Second revelation: at the end he says, ‘Go get ‘em Floyd.’ This clearly explains how I knew Floyd was involved in some way.

So what I was wondering was, does this demonstrate that I had an ear for a catchy line even then? Were there hints of the future even at that tender,toffee chewing age? Or does everyone of that era remember the Toffo ad? Anyone out there? Toffos in their little grease proof white paper wrappings? Ringing a bell?

Watch the ad here Toffo cowboy

Anyway, the plot thickens. I have now found a Facebook page where you can go to add your voice to the campaign to bring back Toffos. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bring-back-Toffo-sweets/103213576403928

I would go one step further and ask them to bring back the Toffo sheriff. So I humbly ask you – to be totally toffo-tastic and add your voice so we can bring back this national treasure. BTW my favourite line on this page is, hands down, ‘Toffo was a school ground name, back in the day’. Thrilled!

Just one thing – I also remember another line from this ad, ‘Guess that wraps it all up, yup.’ At this point the sheriff flipped the Toffos up in the air then caught them again. But this doesn’t appear on the ad. I can’t be the only one who has memorised the full length version can I???