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March 19, 2013

Wayne and Todd’s Big (Ketosis) Adventure

Move over the Rolling Stones, Coldplay and Joe Cocker because two veterinary big names from Canada are set to tour Europe in May. Experts Professor Todd Duffield and Wayne Shewfelt will be lecturing an invited audience of veterinary surgeons on ketosis in the dairy cow in venues in Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands; landing in Ireland on the 10th May and the UK on the 13th May for a two venue appearance.

While the event, organised by Elanco Animal Health, promises to be a veterinary VIP exclusive, any vet with an interest in dairy herd health monitoring can register their interest in obtaining a ticket to attend the UK ‘gigs’ by sending an email to elancouk@lilly.com, or calling 01256 353131.

Professor Duffield brings with him a wealth of expertise in herd health management and dairy research including specific knowledge of metabolic diseases affecting the dairy cow. Wayne Shewfelt is a partner in a 15 vet practice in Canada that provides healthcare for around 14,000 cows. With many years of practical experience in proactive herd health monitoring for ketosis and intervention strategies to help farmers manage ketosis to acceptable levels, Wayne has much to share with vets in the UK.

Wayne and Todd’s UK dates will see them in Bristol on the 13th May and Manchester on the 14th May for a full day seminar to talk about the opportunities offered to vets by being proactive in tackling ketosis and subclinical ketosis. With this metabolic disease being associated with an increased risk of metritis, retained placenta and left displaced abomasum,1 the condition is highly relevant to vets involved in improving the health, welfare and productivity of dairy cows.

Vets who would like to attend the seminars should contact Elanco Animal Health as soon as possible as tickets are sure to be in hot demand.


Speaker Biographies

Todd Duffield, DVM, DVSc

Todd is currently a Professor in the Department of Population Medicine, OVC, University of Guelph.  Todd teaches in all years of the undergraduate veterinary program and works one to two days per week in the OVC ruminant field service veterinary practice, where he also serves as Clinic Head and Service Chief.

He is actively involved in dairy research and has authored or co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed articles on several aspects of dairy health management including transition cow metabolic disease, use of monensin in dairy cattle and production limiting diseases. He is the recipient of the 2012 CVMA Merck Award for contributing significantly to the advancement of herd health management.


Wayne Shewfelt D.V.M.

Wayne is a graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), University of Guelph and is a partner in a 15 person practice in Tavistock, Ontario, which provides care for around 14,000 cows. As a practitioner, Wayne focuses on the provision of dairy health management services, including nutritional consultation, herd monitoring, reproductive management, cow comfort, vaccination and udder health services, as well as traditional medicine and surgery. Wayne has many years experience in both proactive herd health monitoring for ketosis and intervention strategies to help farmers manage ketosis to acceptable levels. He has participated in many advisory boards, presented papers at scientific meetings and is an active member of several councils and associations related to bovine health. In 2007 he was presented with the Fort Dodge Bovine Practitioner of the Year Award, and in 2009 he was the recipient of the Ontario Association of Bovine Practitioners ‘Award of Excellence’.



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