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August 16, 2017

Vital brings new energy to wholesale

Director, Sunny Sharma

Director, Sunny Sharma

Following acquisition by the Subura Group, Vital Pet Products is forging ahead with new operating systems, innovative products and a completely fresh approach. Director Sunny Sharma says the company’s ultimate aim is to be much more than a wholesaler, “We’re looking to be a 21st Century partner for supplier brands and clients, whether they have a chain of independent shops, a single store, a kennel, or a cattery.”

The first few months in business have seen some key appointments, exclusive deals on exciting new product lines and a promotional calendar designed to drive sales growth for retailers. Improvements in infrastructure are already helping to drive down cost and improve efficiency.

Not only have many brands confirmed their support for Vital, they have renewed their commitment to supply great quality and value to the independent pet trade. Vital is also delivering new opportunities for retailers to profit and has secured the exclusive rights extension for one of USA’s bestselling toy ranges – Petstages and Outward Hound.

A regular promotional calendar has been put in place that will focus on competitively priced, best-buy products with strong sell through. “The more we drive profitability for retailers, the faster we can develop our business model and make progress together,” says Sunny.

The new high-calibre management team has got to grips with both fundamentals and long term business planning in just a few short months. As part of the streamlining process, the regional Salisbury site has been consolidated with Exeter, Vital’s National Delivery Centre, where there have been improvements to allow direct supply across a wider network of retailers. This means faster and more efficient processing of orders, especially for those previously served by regional centres. New Operations Manager in Exeter, Des Corfield, will lead and champion operational excellence at Exeter.

Also new to the business is Senior HR Manager, Marie Betts – previously of Harvard Technology and Amazon – whose big brand experience demonstrates how serious Vital is about developing a first class business and recruiting a great team.

Senior HR Manager, Marie Betts

Senior HR Manager, Marie Betts

The company is now looking to recruit three top flight sales people to join the team and the focus is on bringing in the very best people. “There will be many exciting opportunities for people within this business,” explains Sunny, “We want smart, energetic people who are really prepared to grasp those opportunities and  who want to feel excited about where their career will take them.”

A set of audited accounts has been produced putting the company on a sound financial footing and already the improvements have had a positive impact on the bottom line. The message to retailers is clear: Vital has changed for the better and when it comes to delivering improved value and service, the company means business.

To find out more about Vital visit www.vitalpetproducts.co.uk or telephone 01837 883000. For information about joining the Vital team contact Marie Betts, email marie.betts@vitalpetproducts.co.uk.