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September 2, 2014

Vets set to benefit from buying group merger, as VetShare and London Vet Forum join forces

RGBVeterinary buying groups VetShare and London Vet Forum (LVF) have joined forces, opening up even more opportunities for practices. The union will ensure that the resulting larger veterinary buying group has the resources and capabilities to compete in an industry that is increasingly made up of larger merged animal health suppliers. The new group will continue to be known as the VetShare Buying Group

The venture was prompted by a decision within London Vet Forum (LVF) to offer the business up for a merger or sale with the aim of enhancing benefits for its members by attracting the best discounts on pharmaceuticals and other vet practice services.

LVF carried out a rigorous selection process to find the best candidate for its members, shortlisting and interviewing likely prospects. VetShare come out on top principally for its clarity and very competitive discounts negotiated with the manufacturers.

VetShare and LVF also share some ways of working – members handle their own wholesaler invoice with the wholesaler-practice relationship remaining intact, allowing discounts to be rebated as a separate transaction. This means that members can continue to do business as before, while also benefiting from being part of the new larger, stronger buying group.

Vet Ruth Gray, VetShare Director, is excited about what the merged group can offer going forwards, “We are very pleased to have been chosen by the LVF directors to take their members into the future. We are the only major buying group without reps on the road and yet are now perhaps the largest buying group in the UK. We started VetShare initially to help our own practice achieve better discounts

with the assumption that if we set up the perfect model for us then it would probably also be perfect for others. In hindsight, I think our assumption was right and this merger will mean even better discounts with new and exciting opportunities for existing members of both groups”

For more information on membership and the merged group, visit www.vetshare.co.uk or call Ruth on 0800 756 6636