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September 30, 2013

The Veterinary Expert Helps Vet Practices Get More Multimedia Savvy

While vets get asked an array of weird and wonderful questions, they’ve also been telling The Veterinary Expert that they spend a significant amount of time explaining the same concepts to clients. To provide the perfect solution to this common conundrum, The Veterinary Expert is launching a series of Online Educational Videos for veterinary practices to host on their website. Vets will now be able to direct clients to their OWN practice website for reliable information on a whole host of common queries while satisfying the ever-increasing preference for multimedia presentations. The videos will help to boost business and reinforce current client relationships, providing practices with maximum benefit for minimum inconvenience.

As restricted consultation times rarely allow for in-depth discussions with clients, vets regularly have to refer owners to alternative resources for further education. Now vet practices will be able to help their clients avoid the perils of cyber-space by providing professionally produced information at the click of a button, for a small yearly subscription. As well as answering the questions that vets have told The Veterinary Expert they get asked most frequently, the educational videos will help to generate new business opportunities by including calls to action which prompt owners to be proactive in seeking health advice and treatment from their vet.

Dr Susie Coughlan, Managing Director of CPD-Solutions, says the multimedia approach can have far-reaching benefits, “As the first port-of-call these days, vet practices are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of their website in grabbing the attention of potential clients and building strong relationships with existing ones. We know that many people engage more readily with videos than text  so the newly learnt information is more likely to ‘stick’ with owners as well as increasing the likelihood that they will remain clients in the future. That’s good for the practice, good for the client and, ultimately, good for the animal.”

The educational video series will be launched at The London Vet Show this November, with a special introductory price for delegates attending the event.  In addition, The Veterinary Expert is offering vet practices a free information pack to help kick-start client awareness of the online videos and the free articles available on The Veterinary Expert website. Make sure you don’t miss out and visit stand H60 at London Vet Show to take advantage of the special offer and visit www.theveterinaryexpert.com/vets  to claim your free information pack.