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April 18, 2016

Supreme’s Rabbit Revolution Shakes up Congress


Supreme Petfoods at BSAVA

Supreme Petfoods enjoyed its best congress ever, anywhere, this April in Birmingham, with over a thousand delegates swarming to its stand to take part in its Rabbit Revolution and 1,200 casting their verdict on its ‘misinformation’ campaign. It was so successful that the company is now extending the opportunity to be part of the Revolution to all practices.

The topic that got vets and nurses excited was the chance to take part in a Rabbit Revolution, vote for the worst examples of rabbit misinformation and liberate a Rabbit Revolution Toolkit to help them set rabbit owners on the right path.

Dressed in retro Soviet livery the Supreme stand at congress gave an army of vets and nurses the tools they need to educate rabbit owners and help them look after their pets in a way that’s much more sensitive to their needs. The inspiration came from the stand number (room) 101 – the perfect place to dispose of damaging misconceptions.

A feature wall on the stand was devoted to the Ministry of Rabbit Misinformation, where the most common myths were listed.  Vets and nurses picked ‘not feeding enough hay’ as the number one example of misinformation. Supreme has produced a Hay is Glorious poster to help all practices get that message across as part of their Revolutionary stance.Feature wall at BSAVA

In fact, Supreme has produced Rabbit Revolution posters to accompany all the common pieces of misinformation to help educate clients. Common bugbears were not appreciating the need for rabbits to have an appropriate companion and inadequate hutch and run size – ranked second and third respectively by vets and nurses.

Now all practices can take part, just in time for Rabbit Awareness Week. Practice staff can email experts@supremepetfoods.com to sign up to receive the Rabbit Revolution Toolkit as well as receiving access to all the other Rabbit Revolution posters in the series. Rabbit food samples are also available free during Rabbit Awareness Week, on request, to support practices in holding their own Rabbit Revolution.

Claire Hamblion, Supreme Marketing Manager said a Rabbit Revolution is clearly long overdue and vets and nurses are best placed to show the way, “Our findings identified that there is a long way to go before we really see the big improvements in rabbit welfare and care that are desperately needed. Vets and nurses told us some real red flag pieces of misinformation they heard from pet owners included beliefs that rabbits shouldn’t eat grass before six months of age, that juice should be added to the water bottle and that six years of age was an amazingly long lifespan for a rabbit. It’s very sad to hear such statements.”

Vets and vet nurses who want to make a difference should contact Supreme by email on experts@supremepetfoods.com to request their Rabbit Revolution pack and free samples.