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May 4, 2017

SPVS Final Year Vet Student Lancaster Student Seminar: 30 years old this year and thousands of stories to tell!

SPVSThe annual SPVS Lancaster Student seminar celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. As part of the July 2017 event, not only will there be the usual high quality personal and professional development for final year students, there will be a grand celebration to mark this milestone.

Since the first event in 1987, the veterinary curriculum has moved on, but the questions and concerns that students have about that first job in practice are just as real today. That is why over 200 students, vets, sponsors and supporting organisations will be in Lancaster again this year. Taking the 1980’s as the theme, there will be a gala dinner, live band and a big party on Saturday 8th July

At SPVS, we recognise that many people have contributed over the years, whether as an organiser, a supporter or just by attending and then sharing their experiences with others. We’re sure that there are many stories to tell, which is why we’re asking you to share your Lancaster or new graduate story to inspire the next generation.

What are we after? We’d like a 250-word story or short selfie clip, in landscape format, of your SPVS Lancaster story that you’d like to share. It might be about the network you started to create at the seminar, the professional skills you learnt for your first few years in practice which proved vital, the special person you met there or how it helped you further down the line in your career. Please keep it professional, as we’ll be using them as part of the PR around the event, on the night and for future events as well.  We hope that we can create an inspirational retrospective or testimonial to the event.

Dr Cat Curtis MRCVS, course organiser for the event said, “Vets frequently tell us that attending SPVS Lancaster was one of the most impactful things they did in their early career. We want to capture those that make it special; the memories people have and then use that energy to inspire our next generation of vets. We also think that there’ll be some hilarious corkers and perhaps some that shouldn’t be shared!”

To submit your story email office@spvs.org.uk, tweet us @SPVSLancaster or share it on our Facebook page – SPVS