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April 23, 2018

Simplyhealth Professionals launches low cost Accidental Injury Cover for pets

Simplyhealth Professionals, the UK’s leading provider of preventive health plans for cats, dogs, rabbits and horses, is today launching Accidental Injury Cover (AIC) for small pets (cats, dogs and rabbits). AIC is a low cost insurance plan designed for pet owners who want a simple and lower cost insurance product that suits their needs, rather than full cover pet insurance.

For just £2.95 per pet per month, pet owners can claim up to £5,000 each year towards the treatment of their pet’s injuries sustained in an accident.

AIC is not intended to replace full cover pet insurance, but instead meets the needs of pet owners who want a lower cost policy to support them with treatment costs. The sudden nature of injury often leaves the owner unprepared to make the fast decisions necessary to authorise treatment. This low cost option provides peace of mind, enabling pets covered by the policy to be treated quickly.

There are no lengthy processes or additional authorisations required for veterinary practices that would like their clients to be able to take out Accidental Injury Cover.  Practices only need to provide pet owners with product literature to enable the owner to make an informed choice about buying AIC.

Simplyhealth Professionals’ Chief Veterinary Officer, Gudrun Ravetz says that for those clients that, for whatever reason, are unable to have full cover pet insurance this can offer a very valuable option to help them do the best for their pets after an accident. “Sometimes the pet’s age or existing conditions put full cover out of reach, either due to exclusions or cost. Accidental Injury Cover could make a huge difference to the outcome of these cases.  Knowing that that is available for less than the cost of a take-away coffee every month is really good news.”

For more information about Simplyhealth Professionals visit http://www.pethealthplans.co.uk/vets.