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May 20, 2012

Bright Spark Dorwest Herbs Launches Explosive Fireworks Campaign

For Veterinary Practices

Fireworks season is looming and bright spark Dorwest Herbs is set to deliver an exciting, engaging and original campaign that hooks the interest of pet owners. The company might have been making veterinary herbal medicines for over 60 years but they’ve never been slow at adopting new ideas and social media will be central to the campaign this year.

The dog on Dorwest’s logo, Merlin, comes to life in a riveting mockumentary that details the events in the lead up to fireworks night. When gorgeous Lola, the Maltese terrier moves in next door, it’s clear that Merlin has to ‘man up’ and conquer his fear, if he’s to stand a chance of winning her affections. Written by vets, the mockumentary will encourage pet owners to seek advice about firework phobia from their veterinary practice. See Merlin come to life at www.merlintakescontrol.wordpress.com

The ‘Dorwest Say Relax’ message extends to a Facebook audience of millions with a competition to find the most relaxed pet in the nation (www.facebook.com/Dorwest). Do you know a Cocker that’s as cool as a cucumber, a mellow yellow Labrador or a Siamese Slacker? The aim is to spread the word that one of the most anxiety inducing events on the calendar for pets can be approached in a relaxed frame of mind, if pet owners take the right precautions. With a pet friendly luxury weekend in a boutique inn for the Facebook competition winner up for grabs, what’s not to ‘like’? Pet owners have until the 19th October to enter.

All of this lively activity is sure to get pet owners beating a path to veterinary practices, so Dorwest have some support materials that will help communicate a clear message. Free promotional packs contain a poster, leaflets and the popular Dorwest flashing badges, which are attention grabbing and going by previous feedback, blinking good fun.

A ‘Dorwest Say Relax’ product box of all the best selling firework phobia remedies, including licensed Scullcap & Valerian Tablets and tried and trusted Organic Valerian Compound, is available at a discounted price, allowing practices to make the most of the opportunity and get more bang for their buck during fireworks season.

Both the free promotional pack and discounted product box take all the hard work out of merchandising, let practices make the most of this seasonal opportunity and help more pets stay calm in the face of firework fear and phobia. The first 100 past the post to request a product box will also receive ‘Dorwest Say Relax’ T-shirts (Frankie is so last millenium!). Look for all the details in the Dorwest Vet Newsletter or give Dorwest a call on 01308 897272 or email vet@dorwest.com