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October 10, 2016

Practice opportunity to try microchips for mini breeds and small species for free

Pet-ID Microchips offer a range of microchip identification solutions

Pet-ID Microchips offer a range of microchip identification solutions

With recent concerns raised over microchipping of very small puppies, kittens and other species, practices could be seeking some new solutions. Jo Briault, MD of Pet-ID Microchips, has decided to offer a ‘try before you buy’ option for the company’s full range of microchips so practices can choose which format best suits their needs. Practices can also buy the company’s microchips at less than list price online from online veterinary marketplace vbay.

The company has some very specific answers to the miniature patients question with a mini chip that’s just 8mm x 1.4mm. Jo is keen to point out though that it’s more than just the chip size that’s important, “We’ve always recognised that implantation can be a concern in smaller patients who can prove difficult to restrain safely, so our needle assemblies are sharper and narrower than standard needles used for most other 12mm microchips, making implantation less invasive”

As a result, not every practice feels they have to opt for mini chips due to the ease of implantation using any Pet-ID chips. The company’s full range of microchips also benefits from being coated with Parylene-C which encourages bonding with the subcutaneous tissues and prevents migration.  It’s an innovation that’s not standard for all pet microchips and provides some serious reassurance to pet owners concerned about these issues.

“We want to offer a ‘try before you buy’ to practices so they can really experience the ease of implantation and quality of the chips and choose the options that are right for them. Our range is available direct from professional veterinary marketplace site vbay – this direct to the profession route allows us to offer our chips at below the list price, making it a more satisfying experience in every respect,” says Jo.

To take up the offer and receive a sample pack of the preferred microchips, practices should call 01273 837676 or email sales@pet-idmicrochips.com with their telephone contact details. Order Pet-ID microchips at below list price at http://www.vbay.co.uk/category/482/Microchipping.html.

For information about becoming an online stockist in the UK’s only veterinary professional marketplace contact Caroline Johnson by email caroline@vetpol.co.uk.